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Sign in to view Kissburg dating profiles in your area. Click the image above to view their profile. - Dating Advice and Strategies - Dos and Donts of Dating:
Dating is tough. As a matter of fact, finding a date is the easy part. After that, things either look up or take a turn for the worse. While many things about dating are instinctive, there are a few things you may have forgotten, more so if you haven't gone out with anyone lately. Here are some dating do's and dont's that will help you on your date.
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Dating Do's & Don'ts

Dating Do's by - Free Online Dating:
What's the quickest way to make sure a date crashes and burns even before it could take off? Failure to observe proper dating etiquette. You need not worry, however, because we will help you navigate your way around the dating maze.

A few dating Do's are covered in this Section.

Dating Dont's by - Free Online Dating:
Nothing kills interest more than a rude attitude. In your zeal to come off as interesting and successful, you just might end up appearing crass and obnoxious instead. Here are dating dont's you must take great pains never to commit unless, of course, you're a fledgling masochist and derive secret pleasure in seeing each date fail.
  1. Dating - Don't answer your phone during a date. If you have to at all, don't chat to someone over the phone from appetizer to dessert.
  2. Dating - Don't ask for her IM name. You may do this later on but not on your first date.
  3. Dating - Don't bore her with the details of your life. If she asks you to tell her, she doesn't mean you should go into the nitty-gritty of every breakup. She is simply being polite. She doesn't really want you to tell her everything.
  4. Dating - Don't divide the tab according to who ate the most. Foot the bill. If she insists on sharing, split the tab equally. Nothing says "cheapskate" more than actually calculating who ate a bigger portion of the pizza.
  5. Dating - Don't touch her at every turn or look for ways to touch her. You're on a first-date, not a grope fest.
  6. Dating - Don't ogle other women while you're with her. Sure, you like to look. Who doesn't? But doing this in her presence - and have her catch you at it, too - will send the date on a nosedive quicker than you could ask for the bill.
  7. Dating - Don't be rude to the help. If the waiter doesn't give you the dish you asked for right away, raise this concern firmly but politely. No one wants to date an asshole.
  8. Dating - Don't talk shop with her or recount that merger you orchestrated two weeks ago. Unless she's your apprentice or your business partner, she really doesn't want to know.
  9. Dating - Don't talk money. If you have a lot of money, there is no need to tell her just how fat your wallet is. If you don't, there's no need to discuss how you're always only one paycheck away from bankruptcy.
  10. Dating - Don't get too creative with the conversation. Yes, you have a lot of interests and yes, you believe in learning something new every day. But the moment you launch into a discussion of your lifelong involvement with herbs, reflexology, and crystals, all she will hear is one refrain: unstable, unstable, unstable.
If there are more Dating Do's and Dont's we missed out, feel free to add more to our list. We love to hear from you, and would be overjoyed to expand our list to include your views. After all, our goal is to build a site we all could learn from and be happy with.

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