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Shift To High Gear with The Right Dating Advice

Serious guys are always looking out for probable prospects for deeper and longer term relationships. If you're a person who hasn't dated lately and find it a bit uncomfortable in asking women out, then it's time to consider getting practical and useful dating advice. There are several tried and tested dating tips that you must follow when you decide to enter the dating battlefield. Successful dates are not the monopoly of the savvy daters, as a newbie has equal chances of getting a date with the woman of their dreams. All it takes to win that date are enough patience and the conscious effort to follow the dating advice that can help you in your dating game.

If you ask for dating advice from seasoned dater and those that have had successes in their dating experiences, then you will discover several concerns that are common to most of them. Here are some of the important things that savvy daters observe when they are with their partners.

1. Brush up your knowledge of current events
Try to sound interesting. Maintain an interesting and engaging conversation with your partner on current issues and events. You must show your partner that you have a well-rounded personality. This is one great way of convincing them that you are good for a more serious and long term relationship.

2. Don't strive for a more intimate encounter on your first date
It's wise to be a bit conservative as far as your objectives from your initial date is concerned. This dating advice is very important especially if you are pursuing a more serious and deeper relationship with your date. Don't set high expectations on your first date as this can be a source of misunderstanding or even conflicts with your partner. Go slow on your first date. Be sensitive and perceptive with her body language and non-verbal gestures.

3. Learn to listen and rein in your tongue
Maintain the interest of your date by engaging her in a lively and engrossing conversation. However, this does not mean that it has to be a one-man show. Allow her the opportunity to share her thoughts and views, and when she does make sure that she gets your undivided attention. Interrupting her in the middle of her talk just because you have an incoming call is a big no-no.

4. Don't smoke or, better yet, quit smoking
This dating advice is also good health advice. There are women who are averse to people who smoke. If you are unsure of her likes and dislikes, it would be wise to control your urge and refrain from smoking during your first date. It is better that you are able to consider all things to ensure that your date gets interested in you. This first date may lead to a more exciting and more fulfilling relationship in the future.

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