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8/26/2008 - Initial Press Release

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PRESS RELEASE - 8/26/2008

Kiss and Tell with Kissburg
Forget cash. Forget credit cards. Forget three-day trial versions. is giving away unlimited free memberships, and there is no catch whatsoever. All you need is the desire to date and your computer. The idea? A free online dating site where singles can sign up, log on, and search for potential matches without paying a cent.

Online dating sites are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere and are going to extraordinary lengths to get their fingers on the pie - a multi-million-dollar pie. With such large profits at stake, expect the competition to be cutthroat --- and it is. Some sites stop at nothing to lure singles. Naturally, these tactics add up to overhead, an overhead that can only be covered if the site charges monthly memberships that could easily run up anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a year!

Must finding a match really be so costly? "It shouldn't be," shares founder Carmine DiRe. "Being single is rough enough, being constantly hit for payments makes it even worse. What's even more tragic is that most of these online dating sites don't really care about helping you meet your match online. differentiates itself from other sites in the dating pond through its mantra of quality, not quantity. Aside from its "you don't need to pay anything whatsoever" guarantee, stands by its principle of providing caliber over number. Says founder Carmine DiRe, "Most dating sites boast of a behemoth singles database. What's the point in that? You might have 30 million single members online but would it really help your search any if most of them are unemployed, emotionally unavailable, are still living with mom, or are simply unattractive? Our goal is simple. It's not to be the biggest or the best. It's simply to create a win-win situation for everyone."

And a win-win situation is exactly what promises to provide members. How could it be otherwise? First off, the site gives free online dating services. Secondly, it's not just any dating community. It's a dating microcosm of eligible singles you would WANT TO DATE.

As if these two aren't enough, the site also provides a wide array of dating tools designed to make your search easier. lets you narrow your search to certain traits. Want to share how your most recent date went? lets you kiss and tell, too, through a section where you can recommend which bad date spots to avoid or simply entertain other singles with your most recent dating capers.

When it comes to love, why entrust your heart to people who are only after your purse strings and your plastic? It takes people who've had a hard time finding love to truly understand just how difficult it is to find love. Through, singles are offered an anti-conformist way to find potential matches for free, easily, and without compromising their standards or their values.

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